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Corsets have been around for hundreds of years, deed as a way to emphasise small waists and bigger breasts and hips. Fetish model Kelly Lee Dating tiffany silver hit the news Does elite singles cost money with her 16 inch waist - an incredible measurement she achieved by constricting her ribcage and stomach using corsets. This is a technique known as "waist training". Waist training seems to have come back into fashion since Kim Kardashian instagrammed a photo of herself wearing one.


August 29, at am comments.

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But the super-thin year-old insists there is no, ahem, corset for concern. Grandmother Cathie is perfectly healthy despite having a midriff that can be reduced to the size of a large Naughty daughter story jar.

Meet cathie jung — the woman with the world’s smallest waist!

I eat fairly small meals but I prefer that at A guide to flirting age anyway. I find it tricky sitting in low chairs and sometimes in restaurants I have to sit on the high chairs at the bar. And I am still able to do housework — unfortunately! Everything in the midriff is flexible.

Victoria December 12, at am. Psyprass December 17, at pm. But oh well, if she likes it, good on her. The Dude December 31, at pm. How rude…. I think this lady changed her silhouette drastically by wearing corsets which may have changed the natural positions of her organs and therefore it must be really hard to breathe!!!

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You can tell in the first how prepared they are to conduct an interview. They looked very sharp and smart.

I was a size 20 but now fit a 15 inch corset…i want the world’s smallest waist because life’s easier when you’re skinny

Seeker January 28, at pm. Any red-blooded male would drop his drawers to be married to a woman like that. Holly February 14, at am.

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She looks kind of retarded. Her body is not proportional. Warlockharry February Best dating android apps india, at am. First off, a couple of remarks to some responders; DUDE, they were pressed for time, they are on a schedule down to the second. And as for myself, that is just not normal.

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Real weird. She has no strength to stand and speaks week. I wonder just how much life insurance her husband has on her? CSI watcher March 10, at am. I think this fetish or whatever was covered on a CSI episode. Just wearing a belt Lady wants sex tonight Hartford Connecticut sitting down too long can do that ….

She looks terribly uncomfortable. Someone ly mentioned gas?

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Whoa …. Celia March 29, at pm. I have looked into corset training myself, however, she has taken it to the extreme. Her figure is remarkably different and not something that you will usually Adult personals dating agency.

Woman with tiny ins waist claims she’s just naturally slim – but not everyone’s convinced

She set a goal, and she reached it even if it is a bit……. Natalie April 22, at am. F April 25, at am. There was nothing rude British sex clips the hosts.

Woman wears a corset 18 hours a day because she wants to shrink her tiny inch waist

She obviously has to take her time speaking which makes her hard to want to listen Inspirational quotes about life and relationships and they were already trying to wrap it up when Cathie interrupted them and was basically going Cougar mature fuck with what she was trying to say during her interruption.

She takes to long to spit it out and she should have paid attention to the cue that it was time to go. Haleigh Lotzer June 21, at am. Dave Norris July 11, at am.

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Jesscia July 12, Houses in llantrisant am. She is a beautiful woman and she is just gorgeous when she stands up and when you look at her from behin its just amazing! UberKat July 30, at am. Tighlacing to that extent does move your organs but doesnt affect your healt.

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What changes most is your rib structure. She looks like a side show freak. She must be completely starved to death for attention. Deb August 9, at am. That is so awesome! Suzy August 23, at am. Her breathing sounds labored and she just looks unhealthy. She has no one to please but herself. PGeorge September 4, at am. I think as sick as she may look its the result of childhood Ts escorts jax with certain cartoon characters. Britt September 5, at Bareback sex rt. I think she is absolutely amazing!

FOr all of you women nay sayers this tight lacing was common practice for many of your Nude dance bars grandmothers, how could you think this was nasty? Mark September 15, at am. Major identity issues. Appreciting history my ass!!! That kind of history thinking is small minded and antiquated. She Quotes on relationships not working out has well have bound her feet, and put rings around her neck to lengthen it…wrong culture, different times.

Smartificus September 17, at am. Definitely strange and painful looking. I kinda think that her husband wanted her to do it so she did! And she looks pretty good for 70…or whatever we think 70 should look like. Club sex clips November 15, at am. Different strokes for different folks. TunaTank November 15, at am. I notice a lot of women saying this is awesome and wishes they could do this since they think guys would absolutely love it, but every man who posts thinks its disgusting. Yeah, she did what she wanted to do… but doesnt everyone?

Not attractive, it became an obsession, an addiction, to have the smallest waist. She is like seventy something, she needs time to talk. December 15, at am. The way she speaks is weak, and she sounds like she does have a respiratory problem. So when she says her health is fine, I can hear that its not. But this was her choice, and thats the way she wanted to live her life. December 16, at pm. Ellie January 1, at am. How descusting if I see that ill jump off the white cliffs of Dover Alleuia!!!!!!!!! Annmarie January 1, at am.

That is disgusting the way Grannys in Bloomington looking for sex does that she must have put whale bone corsests to postion her organs like that. Joelynne January 21, at am. I think she and hubbie are drinkers too… someone described how she fell down one evening in Beautiful older woman seeking casual dating Brookings local market in Connecticut where she lives some years agomaybe a little tipsy… and she looked like a wasp that someone swatted with a flyswatter, spinning around on the floor, having trouble getting up.

Christina January 30, at am. Its funny you all are commenting on her like this. She is 70 years old! She looks like she is in great shape for being 70, ignoring her waist size. And i dont think she has anything to worry about medically, if her husband is a doctor. Its really her choice what she wants to do with her body, which is no more disgusting then some one, say… smoking.

Taryn February 27, at pm. Rochelle March 30, at pm. Holy shit! I would hate to be her who would wear something that would make you look like that!

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A FORMER size 20 mum who was fed up with her "boxy" frame is now on a mission to have the world's smallest waist, wearing a corset for 18 hours-a-day.


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